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Drawing Prize for
One FREE Edge to Edge Quilting up to Queen size!

Drawings held 1st of every month for E2E Quilting

Drawings for smaller prizes will be on a random basis.

2019 April 1st DRAWING WINNER:

Linda Kaplan of Gresham, OR.

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Quilt Preparation

As with many things in life, the quality of what we start with greatly determines the quality of the finished product. You can help insure your satisfaction with the finished quilt by preparing your Top and Back using the following guidelines.

  1. Clip all loose threads so they will not be caught in the stitching process.
  2. Check seams. Loose seams at the edge catch on the quilting machine foot and can rip the quilt top. Seams should be sewn tight all the way to the edge.
  3. It is critically important that the Backing and Batting are at least 10” wider and longer than the Quilt Top. So when the Top is centered on the Backing, both the Backing and batting extend a minimum of 5” on all sides of the Quilt Top.
    This allows proper machine mounting so the Quilting design can be stitched completely to the edges of the Top.Please do not pin or baste layers together as this does not allow us to mount them properly. If quilts do not have enough material for mounting, we have to add extentions for mounting and will charge a $20 fee per side.
  4. Do not sew on garnishments (buttons, tassels, Beads, Etc.) until after Quilting process
  5. Press top and back, press backing seams open and remove selvages.
  6. Borders should be even width and lay flat to prevent distortions in the finished top.
  7. Both top and back should be squared off (if you have not done this please let us know)
  8. If your quilt is directional (has a Head & Foot) please pin a note to the Head of the Quilt.

As always, feel free to call or email so we can answer any questions you have.

Charlie & Barbara Faust